Services Provided

The Elam Model Services

Contract Negotiations

  • Maximize total compensation

  • Ensure highest amount of guaranteed compensation

  • Limit conditions that could negatively effect player

  • Structure negotiations to maximize cash flow and provide highest level of security

Professional Services

  • Athletic Camp Involvement & Establishment

  • Website Services

  • Physical Fitness Training

  • Radio, Television, Web, & Print Media Exposure

  • Basic Legal Services

  • Concierge & Leisure Services

Marketing & Endorsement

  • Strategic marketing plan, emphasizing their priorities

  • Maximizing exposure with a strong social media and digital presence.

  • Communicate with potential partnerships while seeking new and creative opportunities.

  • Negotiate endorsement deals that maximize payment, and support the client's interests. 

Public & Media Relations

  • Personal Branding

  • Connect clients with various media outlets to enhance player's exposure.

  • Charitable Endeavors

  • Provide clients with proper training on effective use of personal sites and social media.

Pre-Draft Preparation

  • Customized strategic training plan that fits player's needs

  • Attend all major Pre-Draft events

  • Communicate regularly with NFL teams to receive feedback on each client. 


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